Getting and actioning feedback can be dreadful...

Does this sound familiar?

Your client finds a bug
They scramble to share it with you, without following a process
The developer can't seem to replicate it
The Project manager's chasing the developer for updates
It so turns out that it was already fixed
But the client wasn't notified

Introducing a better solution, from the team that built products for

Join 1000s of project managers, developers, product managers

Jeremy Nagel

First credible threat I have seen to existing players in the feedback streamlining market.

Thank you Bugreporting team for bringing this to live

Kim Beasley

Just what I was looking for

I had been searching for a tool that would allow feedback to be submitted by my users. I looked everywhere else before I finally found BugReporting. Wow!

It surpasses my expectation and it is making it very easy to receive feedback via my website now.

Product Manager

Great Tool

I am a web developer/designer and I hate getting feedback from multiple people from multiple sources.

I just started using this on a new project and it is great. Of course the challenge with any tool like this is getting clients and team members to use it, but there is such a low barrier of entry with this that there is really no excuse for them not to.

They don't have to log in to send feedback but if they do they can see when the issue has been resolved and be a part of a discussion regarding their feedback.

Agency Owner

Serious competition

I had been looking for a debugging tool for a long time, and outside of the large players, none of them worked actually fine (for my clients). They had to install things to give feedback, etc. Just horrific for creating a good workflow and great feedbackproces for clients.

I started working with bugreporting last week; and yes: it tackled all the issues. Hallelujah! Alse pre-sales was éxtremely helpful in order to giving benefit of the doubt.

This is the one serious competitor, and also very well priced.


Simplify your product feedback process. Launch 2x faster.

Get higher quality product feedback without front/back communication hassle and data loss, achieve product market fit faster.

Save your team 100s of hours in lost conversations, launch higher quality products faster, and improve your client relationships. All without having to invest in complex QA processes that cost $1000s.

Leverage Network Effects

If your customer used a CallToValue button on another website, they don't need to put any details to buy from you.

Reap the benefits of someone else's hard work


CallToValue will be everywhere, don't miss out

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Created for QA, developers, designers, product managers & CX managers

Give feedback easily. Visually

Use your voice and video on the fly to give feedback regardless of how complex it is. Everything is auto-transcribed to refer back to. Identify and fix issues, fast.

Enjoy Boosted Revenue

Sell anything you want on your website whilst you leverage the power of networks so you can skyrocket your conversions

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Streamline feedback without meetings

Don't worry about setting up calls at odd hours. Collaborate with your clients and team asynchronously. Our tool collects all the information and more to let you solve your website problems and make customers happy.

Save your time!
Deliver projects fast!

Manage all your feedback, and issues in one spot

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No more random unconnected emails. Every issue is labelled and sent directly to your dashboard. You can collaborate, assign team members and resolve bugs easily. You can auto-create tasks in your favourite project management tools. No.Switching.Tabs

One spot communication

Don't lose your conversations. Have all your internal team discussions regarding customer feedback or a bug as well as chat with your customer directly all from one place. No more lost notes across slack and email

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Integrate with your tools with no effort

Reach product market fit faster

Early feedback is crucial for customer love and stickiness. BugReporting lets customers easily share what they love or hate. In 1 click you can keep your customers updated on the feedback they gave to improve activation and stickiness.

How does the widget work?

We give you a code to install on your website.
No programming needed.
Simply copy and paste it in HTML, and you're off to the races.

How detailed are the bug reports?

Very, we give you client side JS logs to easily debug. You also get the screen dimension as well as the platform of the browser.

I don't want another project management tool, does it integrate other tools?

We agree, too many PM tools. We offer seamless integration with Trello, Asana, Jira and many more to come.

Are you secure ?

100% GDPR compliance. We use SSL lines for all our data transmissions, and bcrypt for our password encryptions. Our entire code infrastructure is behind a secure auth wall hosted on AWS

Why do I need this when I can use loom?

Short answer its much easier & faster. Loom is great for screen recording, and thats it. With BugReporting, communication is in one place, no more emails. We give you key details about the issue & much much more

How can I notify the client/QA when issue is fixed?

We capture the client or QAs email when they submit the bug. Our 2-way synced bug reporting will auto-notify the clients as soon as you set the status of the bug to "resolved". This skyrockets user activation

Watch Bug Reporting in action within 4 minutes

Powerful Slack Integration

Get customer/QA feedback sent directly to Slack

View feedback preview in Slack via GIFs autogenerated for you

Watch feedback and address issues quickly with no communication loss

Enjoy Boosted Revenue

Sell anything you want on your website whilst you leverage the power of networks so you can skyrocket your conversions

See Which Offer Works

Easy to Use Dashboard gives you simple breakdowns on what offer is working, so you can focus on that

Prevent notification cluster

Use silo-ed channel based notifications to target messages to dedicated people

This prevents unwanted notification cluster and teams responsible for certain issues will be immediately notified

Tightening the feedback loop further and improving the product launch and QA process

Enjoy Boosted Revenue

Sell anything you want on your website whilst you leverage the power of networks so you can skyrocket your conversions

See Which Offer Works

Easy to Use Dashboard gives you simple breakdowns on what offer is working, so you can focus on that


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Pefect for solo founders or small teams

80 detailed recordings per month
1 Integration with Trello/Jira/Asana for Free
15 day data retention
Unlimited screenshots with annotations
1 project
2 team members
1 tag per issue
Members only commenting
No Script Install Magic Link Recording
3000 unique visitors session recordings/month
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$79 / month

For agencies servicing multiple clients looking to centralise their entire feedback process, and have raving customers

Everything in Popular
300 detailed recordings per month
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited recordings via Google Integration*
Unlimited screenshots with annotations
Unlimited Projects
30 day video retention
Unlimited tags per video
Assign tasks to team members
2000 Apps integrations via Zapier
No Script Install Magic Link Recording
10000 unique visitors session recordings/month
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