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Step 1 – Sign up for Zapier

Sign up for a free Zapier account. It's easy, from there you can jump right in. To help you hit the ground running, here are some popular pre-made Zaps.
Each Zap has one app as the **Trigger**, where your information comes from and which causes one or more **Actions** in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically. 

Leverage Network Effects

If your customer used a CallToValue button on another website, they don't need to put any details to buy from you.

Reap the benefits of someone else's hard work


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Step 2 - Connect BugReporting to Zapier

Select from any of the below pre-made templates. Or you can follow the video instructions to create a custom workflow

Custom Workflow Instructions

1) Log in to your Zapier account and go to the Zap Editor.

2) Start by clicking "Make a Zap" in the top right corner of your Zapier account.

3) Type BugReporting into the search box of the App Event - this will be the source of data

4) Select the Trigger event, in this case we'll chose "New Feedback"

5) Click onto the "Sign in to Bug Reporting" button. You'll be shown a popup page like this

6) In a new tab open your BugReporting app, and head to the integrations tab. Click on Zapier and you'll see an API key be generated for you

7) Paste that code into your Zapier popup and click continue. The popup will dissapear after connecting, you can head back to the Zap page where you can now select the project team you want to connect

8) Click on continue once you've done that and click to "Test Trigger", you can opt to skip this as well

9) Click continue after the test trigger is done and select the integration you want to connect. In this case we've chosen Asana.

10) Select the Asana account you want to integrate with

11) Select if you want to create a task or story, it's honestly upto you

12) From there, choose all the respective details of the account you want to work with and the meta data you want for your action. Watch the video above for this step as it'll show you how to add optimal meta descriptions

13)  Test and continue and you should be all done

14) Turn on the Zap and you should be off cruising