Firstly, We'd like to acknowledge the the effort the team at Bugherd put in.

They've build a strong product that's gone on to help several large scale customers, freelancers and agencies across the world. And if you're reading this looking for Bugherd alternatives like Bugreporting, I can confirm you're on the right track to find the product that cuts down your project costs, reduces timelines and minimise communication hell between customer feedback and developers.

So whats the main differences between Bugherd vs Bugreporting?

Apart from the obvious branding differences and UX direction we've taken all of which you can read in the post below, the key difference between the two of us comes down one main thing.

We've lived this problem and we care deeply about this issue

The entire BugReporting team built this product out of pure frustration from the issues we faced in dealing with clients, communication breakdowns, slowed down bug reporting and quality reporting issues. We wanted a better way to ship products fast and improve the experience our clients had with us.

This is why you'll find BugReporting to be designed specifically with ease-of-use in mind (as freelancers, agencies and founders, we've already got a lot happening), along with integrations and pricing models that lets you scale your business and keep your customers and clients happy

We created Bug Reporting to be the best customer and QA feedback tool for founders, agencies and small businesses. Watching you succeed with happy customers and better work flow is what we thrive to achieve

Top reasons why SaaS, eCommerce businesses and Agencies choose Bug reporting over Bugherd

Top reasons why Agencies, UX researchers, Product Managers chose BugReporting over Bugherd

#1 Get actual video feedback from your users, asynchronously

Unlike getting a few comments on an image or a giphy type video from a customer. We take it to the next level by allowing your users to record a full video explaining whatever issue they're facing. Not only that, but product managers have used this to run asynchronous customer feedback without jumping on 100s of meetings

To top it up, we know how difficult it is to recreate issues or bugs, so we provide key user meta information that will help your development team to read into the exact specs of the user device so you can automatically replicate the issue and fix it.

#2 Only zero-code, No Chrome Extension solution

Expecting everyone on the team to install a chrome extension can be a tough ask. Its yet another extension added to your browser slowing down everything. In addition Chrome extensions are notorious for being data safety hazards. You might wonder that you might need to involve your developer to do some work for you

But this is far from the truth, if you know how to install a FB pixel, you can just as easily install our snippet. There's 0 coding involved, just copy pasting something and leaving the rest to us. We're power packed with features that will save you $1000s in cost. And in addition we're cheaper than Bugherd across the board whilst offering you more features at the same time

#3 Make your website a dynamic canvas ready for feedback, prevent customer front and back

Ease of use is very important to us. And sometimes you don't have access to code or developers to push snippets. Maybe you don't want to install a snippet on your project and we completely respect that. For this we've built a one of a kind magic link. Instead of going front and back with customers or QA over emails or chat trying to figure out what exactly is happening on their screen, when you sign up for our product we build a "dynamic canvas" for your entire website which is available via a sharable magic link.

You can share a magic link we've created for you, this will automatically offer your customers recording abilities for your website. Bugherd doesn't offer this and we wanted to take the opportunity to solve for this very big and annoying front and back issue.

So next time a customer complains about a bug, send them the link, and you'll get a recording straight to your dashboard without lifting a finger.

#4 Unlimited data sessions if you like with security at top of mind

As compared to Bugherd we offer unlimited annotation feedbacks and we've gone beyond the norm and offered our customers the ability to integrated with Google Drive. Effectively letting you own all your data which means we see nothing or know nothing.

In addition since its your database, we don't stop you from recording as many sessions as you like using our software to capture the data at absolutely no extra cost.

We know the pain of upgrading software just to get higher storage, so why not just use the storage you already have (Google Drive comes with 30 Gigs) and not pay extra at all.

#5 Feature rich at a fraction of the cost

We're not just a bug reporting tool like Bugherd, we started out offering customers video recording capabilities, that soon grew into allowing people to record, annotate and communicate directly within the application without out leaving.

Our roadmap keeps growing and we keep striving to offer customers a bigger bang for their buck each week with new features that we roll out all focused to solve the problems our clients face in communicating with their customers or staff when trying to build a high quality product.

#6 Deep integrations with your favourite project management tool

Bugherd offers limited integrations and capabilities when it comes to third party project management tools. We've not been shy here, with BugReporting we've continuously heard and added deep and powerful integrations with popular project management tools

The focus of our solution is to minimise any copy pasting or mundane work you have to do in moving recordings from Bug Reporting to your favourite tool. Instead with our product you can set up an easy 2 way communication with any project management tool in the world

If someone submits a bug, it will automatically be created in Trello (for e.g) as well as notify you on slack/discord (or email) without lifting a finger.

We understand the hard work you're doing, we're trying to cut that hard work down by half

#7 Manage all your projects and team members in 1 place

We have no limits on the number of projects you can work on unlike Bugherd. If you're an agency you can create and manage multiple projects with unlimited team members all from a single dashboard.

Imagine not having to jump between email, slack, SMS and whatever other tool you have simply to communicate with a customer or client that a bug has been resolved. Because we've done that for you

Even when your team resolves a bug, we take the liberty of emailing your client or customer about the bug they submitted being resolved. This (As we've seen in our data) has lead to massive increases in customer reactivation and re-engagement

#8 Chat first approach, communicate with your customers/QA without leaving the app

Sure Bugherd lets you communicate via annotations using their platform, but they don't silo communication between your internal team and your customers. Most of the tools out there are either for internal feedback or external feedback, there's nothing out there that solves it really well for both

.Thats where we come in. Being built to solve problems for agencies our experience is created in a way to help teams communicate about reported feedback all within the app, as well as communicate with the customer/QA who submitted the feedback all from one place within Bug Reporting.

We're a dynamic Project Management Tool.

Unlike Bugherd, you can use our deep integrations to deal with bugs directly in your favourite project management tool without having to ever even open our dashboard.

However if you want to keep things seperate you can use our dashboard as a project management tool for bug tracking and only "promote" bugs that you want to move from Bug Reporting to your favourite project management tool.

This gives you unlimited flexibility on how you want to handle your bugs and client feedback because we know each person likes to operate things differently

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