Firstly, We'd like to acknowledge the the effort the team at Marker put in.

They've build a strong product that's gone on to help several large scale customers, freelancers and agencies across the world. And if you're reading this looking for Marker alternatives like Bugreporting, I can confirm you're on the right track to find the product that cuts down your project costs, reduces timelines and minimise communication hell between customer feedback and developers.

So whats the main differences between Marker vs Bugreporting?

Apart from the obvious branding differences and UX direction we've taken all of which you can read in the post below, the key difference between the two of us comes down one main thing.

We've lived this problem and we care deeply about this issue

The entire BugReporting team built this product out of pure frustration from the issues we faced in dealing with clients, communication breakdowns, slowed down bug reporting and quality reporting issues. We wanted a better way to ship products fast and improve the experience our clients had with us.

This is why you'll find BugReporting to be designed specifically with ease-of-use in mind (as freelancers, agencies and founders, we've already got a lot happening), along with integrations and pricing models that lets you scale your business and keep your customers and clients happy

We created Bug Reporting to be the best customer and QA feedback tool for founders, agencies and small businesses. Watching you succeed with happy customers and better work flow is what we thrive to achieve

Top reasons why SaaS, eCommerce businesses and Agencies choose Bug reporting over Marker

Top reasons why Agencies, UX researchers, Product Managers chose BugReporting over Marker

#1 Get real video feedback from your users

Through our live video tool, we enable you to gather feedback from your users. Not only that, but product managers have used this to run asynchronous customer feedback without jumping on 100s of meetings

To make things even easier for you, we provide crucial user information that you can use to recreate the issue on your end.

#2 No Chrome Extension required

Ensure that your team are using Chrome to do things like this. That can be a tough ask when you have people on the team that use different browsers. It's one more browser extension that they need to install. In addition Chrome extensions are known to be a cause of data loss. You might wonder that you need to involve your developers to do some work for you.

We're power packed with features that will save you $1000s in cost. But don't just take our word for it, we have over 100+ 5 star reviews from our clients. If you can install a FB pixel on your site you can install our snippet

#3 Make your website a canvas for feedback

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to set up the solution. You don't have to install any code, and if you don't want to, that's fine. We've created a unique way of doing this. We create a dynamic canvas for your entire website, and this canvas is available as a link. When a co-worker or customer inspects your website, they can share that link with you or someone else, and then you can interactively review any UI or UX issues they came across.

Instead of extra effort for your team like you have to put in with Marker, you can share a link with them. This will enable recording for your site automatically.

In a case like this, send the customer a link to the recording, and they can view it straight away with the dashboard without you having to do any work.

#4 Unlimited Secure cloud data storage

Unlike Marker which have a limitation on usage. We let you leverage existing data storage that you own, this means we can provide unlimited annotations and feedbacks, and we're giving you the ability to integrate with Google Drive. We don't see or know anything, which means you have full ownership of your data.

We leave it to you to decide how many recordings you want to keep and whether you want to use our software

We recognise how expensive it is to upgrade your storage just to get more space. Therefore, we utilise the storage you already have (Google Drive comes with 30 Gigs).

#5 Get 3X the features for a cheaper price

We provide the most features of any bug reporting tool. Our product grew organically with our customers and we plan to keep it that way.

Our roadmap keeps growing and we keep striving to offer customers a bigger bang for their buck each week with new features that we roll out all focused to solve the problems our clients face in communicating with their customers or staff when trying to build a high quality product.

#6 We integrate deeply with your favourite project management tool.

We've not been shy when it's come to BugReporting. To date we've added deep and powerful integrations with popular project management tools. With BugReporting, we've continuously heard your feedback and been working hard to improve the 2 way communication you can have with any project management tool in the world.

The focus of our solution is to minimise any copy pasting or mundane work you have to do in moving recordings from BugReporting to your favourite tool. Instead, you can set up an easy 2 way communication with any project management tool in the world.

If a user reports a bug, we'll automatically update our issue tracker as well as notify you via slack (or email) to let you know immediately.

We have a lot of respect for the time you've taken off your busy schedule to create this awesome app so we're cutting that effort in half by notifying you immediately

#7 Manage all your projects and team members in 1 place

Because we don't have any limits on the number of projects you can manage, you can work on multiple projects and keep track of your team's progress with a single dashboard. This means you can communicate to a client or customer about bugs that have been resolved without having to keep checking their status in a different system.

When a customer reports a bug, we email them about the bug's resolution. This has lead to our customers being more engaged with our product, we've seen a massive increase in customer reactivation and re-engagement as a result.

#8 Talk to your customers and teammates within our app

With BugReporting you can talk to your customers internally and externally - all in one place. Other tools out there are either for internal or external communication, but not both.

That helps us stay focused on creating a product that solves problems for our customers.

We've designed our software to deal with bugs for you. Once you've integrated a project management tool, you can simply deal with any bugs in that product. You don't even have to open our platform.

If you prefer to keep things separate you can use our dashboard as a project management tool for bug tracking and "promotes" bugs that you want to move from Bug Reporting to your favourite project management tool.

You can manage your bugs and client feedback however you like because we know that everyone likes to do things a little differently

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