Firstly, We'd like to acknowledge the the effort the team at Usersnap put in.

They've build a strong product that's gone on to help several large scale customers, freelancers and agencies across the world. And if you're reading this looking for Usersnap alternatives like Bugreporting, I can confirm you're on the right track to find the product that cuts down your project costs, reduces timelines and minimise communication hell between customer feedback and developers.

So whats the main differences between Usersnap vs Bugreporting?

Apart from the obvious branding differences and UX direction we've taken all of which you can read in the post below, the key difference between the two of us comes down one main thing.

We've lived this problem and we care deeply about this issue

The entire BugReporting team built this product out of pure frustration from the issues we faced in dealing with clients, communication breakdowns, slowed down bug reporting and quality reporting issues. We wanted a better way to ship products fast and improve the experience our clients had with us.

This is why you'll find BugReporting to be designed specifically with ease-of-use in mind (as freelancers, agencies and founders, we've already got a lot happening), along with integrations and pricing models that lets you scale your business and keep your customers and clients happy

We created Bug Reporting to be the best customer and QA feedback tool for founders, agencies and small businesses. Watching you succeed with happy customers and better work flow is what we thrive to achieve

Top reasons why SaaS, eCommerce businesses and Agencies choose Bug reporting over Usersnap

Top reasons why Agencies, UX researchers, Product Managers chose BugReporting over Usersnap

#1 Asynchronously get video feedback from your users

Product managers have used this to run asynchronous customer feedback without jumping on 100s of meetings. Not only that, but we also provide key user meta information that will help your development team to read into the exact specs of the user device so you can automatically replicate the issue and fix it.

The user can record a full video of explaining their problem. The developer can automate the error by getting the exact specs of the user device.

#2 Only zero-code, No Chrome Extension solution

It's a big ask to expect everyone on the team to install the extension, especially if they don't know what it does. It adds to your browser slowing down everything. Google Chrome extensions are notorious for being data safety hazards, so you might want your developer to do some work for you. But this is far from the truth, our clip is just a sequence of events that you copy and paste to add to your site. There's no coding involved, just copy and paste in then you're good to go! We've got all the functionality of Usersnap, and we're way cheaper than any other solution, without cutting any corners.

#3 Make your website a dynamic canvas ready for feedback, prevent customer front and back

We understand that not everyone has the time to go front and back with customers or QA over emails or chat trying to figure out what exactly is happening on their screen and that understanding is why we've built a one of a kind magic link.

The magic link is a way for you to make your bug report as easy and convenient as possible for your customer. It automatically captures your customer's screen and offers them recording abilities for your website. Usersnap doesn't offer this, so we wanted to take the opportunity to solve for this very big and annoying front and back issue.

#4 There's no data limit. With security being a priority for us

We give you the ability to give unlimited feedback and unlike Usersnap we provide the ability to integrate with Google Drive. This means you have all the ownership of your data right within the same place you store it. We don't care how many sessions you record as long as you purchase our software, so why upgrade and pay for more storage, just use the storage you already have.

We know how much it sucks to upgrade just to get higher storage, so we'll let you store all your data for free without needing any upgrade.

#5 Rich in features, cheap in cost

We're not just a bug reporting tool like Usersnap, we started out offering customers video recording capabilities, that soon grew into allowing people to record, annotate and communicate directly within the application without out leaving.

Our roadmap keeps growing and we keep striving to offer customers a bigger bang for their buck each week with new features that we roll out all focused to solve the problems our clients face in communicating with their customers or staff when trying to build a high quality product

#6 We have deep integrations with your favourite project management tool

We've spent a lot of time ensuring that BugReporting is a good tool to use alongside your existing project management tool. Rather than offering a shoddy integration that allows you to send data between two tools we've built a deep integration that seamlessly moves data between the two. We hear time and time again of users using BugReporting alongside their project management tool to get all their data in one place.

Currently the integrations we have on offer within BugReporting are: Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Google and Slack. Each of those integrations work in a similar way. They all allow you to set up a transfer of data between BugReporting and the other tool. If a bugs is submitted, we're notified on Slack and automatically create a card for the issue in both BugReporting and the other tool. If a card is updated within the other tool, it's automatically updated in BugReporting.

#7 Hold all your projects from a single place

Our users are able to work on multiple projects without being limited by anything. We support multiple teams allowing them to work on multiple projects and share the workload. Imagine having to jump around applications to communicate with a customer when a bug has been resolved, we've taken that out of the equation by building in a simple interface that allows teams to talk to each other within the platform.

#8 You can talk to your customers from within the app and avoid leaving the app yourself

Sure Usersnap lets you communicate via annotations using their platform, but they don't silo communication between your internal team and your customers. Most of the tools out there are either for internal feedback or external feedback, there's nothing out there that solves it really well for both

The main focus of Bug Reporting is to seamlessly import any feedback from your customers and convert it into tasks or bugs that your team can work on directly in whatever project management tool you use. Our seamless integrations make it possible to convert feedback from your customers into tasks directly in your favourite project management tool without having to even open our dashboard.Another way we keep things streamlined is by allowing you to promote bugs you create in Bug Reporting directly into your favourite project management tool.

This means you to choose the platform that works best for you with no limitations.You can use our dashboard as a project management tool for bug tracking and only promote bugs that you want to move from Bug Reporting to your favourite project management tool.

#9 The best support you can get.

If you’re a larger company, time is always a concern for you. Either it takes too long for you to reply to them, or you need to do it yourself. We know how important it is to listen to your users - so we reply as soon as we can.

For us, there is no such thing as a "small customer" - we see everyone as the same.

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