Skyrocket Shopify Conversion Rate Optimisation With One Trick

Conversion rate optimisation is pivotal for success with a Shopify store. Learn about some key tools you can use to skyrocket your online store or websites conversion. Leading to more sales and sign ups.

The goal is to help users understand how they can improve their website conversion rate by understanding their customers when using a website. They can do this by going through session recording technology like above and mention bug reporting.

Increase website conversion rate with the best particles. One of the best ways is to understand your visitors or customers through what they need. According to the research findings, the top 25% of landing pages convert over more than double that rate at 5.31% or higher.

CRO is the quickest, most effective methodologies to turn your existing web traffic into returning consumers. CRO involves various tools and approaches. The ultimate goal is to convert the visitors into leads and leads into customer/consumer. The research discovered long-form landing pages would increase the conversion rate by 220%, But some businesses notice that short landing pages work immensely well for their audiences.

Another study states that 75% of businesses struggle to identify an expert to optimize their landing pages. Nearly  84 % of landing pages have navigation bars. At the same time, studies show that removing navigation can increase the conversion rate to 100%  

In this article, let’s look at the importance of conversion optimization CRO in detail and the tools that help to gather customer feedback to improve your conversion rates over and over again.

What Is a Conversion?

If the website or application visitor achieves, the site goal is known as conversion. Goals can differ from website to website. For instance, if your website sells products, the primary goal is to execute a purchase to the visitor/user. Before that, small conversions occur before a customer completes a macro-conversion, like an email signing up to receive. These are described as micro-conversions.

Examples of Macro & Micro Conversions


  • Purchasing the app or website
  • User subscribing to the product/service
  • Requesting a quote
  • Subscribing to a service


  • Signing up for email lists
  • Account creation
  • Subscribing for newsletters/ emails
  • Adding product to cart
  • Creating an account

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method of optimizing and increasing your website or landing page based on the visitor experience and behaviour to increase the visitor's chance of making the desired actions on the page.

In other words, it is the process of improving the percentage of converting visitors into the customer (i.e., the user who performs desired action on the site) the For example: if the desired action can be -add to chat, signup fie service, or clicking a link or filling out the forms.

How to Calculate the Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. The high conversion rate indicates the success of web design, development, and marketing.


   -------------------------------  X 100


If a Visitor Converts Each Time They Visit the Website

For example, if your website is an e-commerce site and the user makes a new purchase on each session. You need to optimize your site to earn more purchase as possible from the user. If the visitor visits the website thrice and the three sessions would be an opportunity for your business conversion. Let us look in detail.

Session 1: No conversion in such instance; the user will familiarize themselves with the site or app ).

Session 2: User comes up with some purchase ideas on the website, and there would be more chance of a conversion.

Session 3: User return and purchase new products - In this case, if the user makes a purchase of multiple products in a single or unique order, then the conversion is counted as a single conversion.

In this case, the visitor conversion rate is calculated as follows:

User Unique Order = 2

User Session = 3

2 Unique Orders

________________  = 66% Conversion Rate

3 User Session

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization has a direct advantage on search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the important benefits of CRO.

Enhance Client Insights

Conversion rate helps you understand the customer better. You can learn what the customer wants? Why do they need it? And the reason for visiting your website. It will provide valuable insights that work on the users. It helps to discover the appropriate consumers for your business.

Acquiring more visitors doesn't make a business successful, but finding the right individual for your business makes it more successful. When you test different features or new landing pages for your app /website. From the customer feedback result analysis; you get to know which works for your target audience.

More Solid ROI

The conversion rate will impact your revenue. If you have increased sales will make you more income, which results in strengthening your business. If your company has a higher conversion rate, you would have more revenue generation chances. The A/B tests will provide an immediate opportunity to generate revenue. CRO to help you in identifying the long-term approaches to enhance your website and conversion rates.

Enhance Your Website Trust

Constant marketing establishes trust. Your clients know what to expect from your business. The website has to create a trust to share their personal information, and if your site or app is an e-commerce site, the customer has to trust to share their credit card details, email, and much more. You will get a definite idea of how to engage your target audience with the right offers.

More Satisfying User Experience (UX)

The customer generally stays with your website/app if they feel smart and more user friendly. From the CRO results analysis, you get to know what works for your customer, and you can improve the user experience. Customer loyalty will also increase and make them engage more with brands. Word of mouth marketing of customers in testimonials and reviews will increase your sales and brand awareness.

Better Scalability

CRO allows you to develop clients. The audience is infinite, and you can turn the browser into potential buyers for your website. CRO improves your lead generation results. You can quickly scale and optimize the website/ app based on user feedback and improve customer retention.

Decisions Based on Proven Data

When your business has reliable data, you will make better decisions and improve the user experience, resulting in increased sales and revenue.  

The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

These are the tools you can utilize to capture more users for your website, thereby improving your CRO.


BugReporting is a powerful tool for gathering fast feedback and quality assurance from clients on websites and apps. You can make instant changes to the website and improve your user experience. You can easily integrate the feedback button and customize them based on your brand. The integration is more simple and easy with auto-generated code. The user can easily record and add their comment on the bugs they encounter on the website while using it, and it is directly shared with the development team. The software can also be integrated with the favorite work tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, and many more.  Start your 14 Day free trial today, and after the free trial, the software pricing starts with $29/month.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Page speed is the fundamental thing for conversion. According to google research in 2018 says that 53% of mobile users leave the application or site that takes longer than 3 sec to load. Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the loading speed for web and mobile and provides suggestions on how you can improve them.

Research And Analytics

Analytics and research software is primarily for the success of CRO. The tool enables you to get valuable information and provides data-driven insights about the application and its visitors, including where traffic comes from and who your visitors are (their demographics).

With these insights, you can make a better decision, and you will get clear ideas about how you need to make changes and improvements to your application for better user conversion.


Kissmetrics is another excellent software to understand your visitor behavior. One of the tool's key features is behavior analytics, and it also provides email campaign automation.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely used software to track your visitors, and this tool is free to use. You can get your next-level analytics with Google Analytics 360 Suite. It is the first conversion optimization tool for any serious business. This software provides insights into users, new visitors, bounce rates, session durations, acquisition medium, and more.


Click Maps & Heat Maps Tools



Hotjar is the most popular tool to understand the real-time user experience with the app or website. Heatmaps provide the user with visualized behavior like clicks, move, download and share, and scrolling behavior. The software also includes visitor recordings for customer feedback and can gather user feedback directly through the survey forms.

Crazy Egg

On Crazy egg, you can create a better website instantly.   With the heat/click maps on  Crazy Egg, you can make further developments to your application.  It is relatively inexpensive and is one of the top choices for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) software. The next free trial, the software pricing starts at $24/month.


CRO takes time and effort, but it makes your life easier with the help of CRO tools. It would be best if you spent your time improving your product or service, user engagements. Otherwise, you will have negative impacts on your business. Implement automation wherever possible. CRO software is the best to track your site metrics.