Basecamp Pros And Cons | Read these points before deciding about basecamp

The pros gear towards modern project management practices but the cons are focused towards the very specific approach basecamps makes you take, which might not be for everyone


Our software turns your teams into tidier, more productive ones without needing frequent meetings. It's equipped with the tools necessary for setting up to-do lists and schedules, allows the creation and uploading of files and documents, and is chat-enabled for members to communicate among themselves. Basecamp is easy on the eyes because it's organized with icons on the main page instead of with boring linear lists. It allows users to comment on files and assign tasks and notifies them about the user’s recent action. Everything that users talk about occurs in one place, removing the need to send emails and messages on various other platforms and software.


  • Storage of files in one place. This is especially useful for virtual teams. It makes it easier to find older files because every project has a Documents and Files section.
  • Basecamp has a simple pricing system as it only has two options, namely the free plan and the paid plan. The free plan is limited to 2 users and 20 projects while the paid plan has no limits. There's also a 30-day free trial that allows you to try it out before you buy.
  • You can choose to have notifications on or off. You can also customise your settings, and have notifications on a schedule
  • The tool offers introspection and conversation through Campfires, the informal communication channel that allows people to send messages to the whole team, as well as private communication through pings which are sent to a single person.
  • One thing I like is that Basecamp is available on mobiles too. You get the same look and feel and you can manage your notification settings from your mobile too.
  • Basecamp offers good document storage. You can easily upload and include a variety of documents, files, and images when sending a message.


  • While we do not have time tracking as of now, we are constantly working to improve this feature.
  • It lacks the ability to archive topics. Basecamp's topic list can easily get crowded but it doesn't allow its users to archive unused ones. Oftentimes, these topics stand in the way of the really important ones. Archiving them helps in decluttering without having to delete topics that may be useful in the future.
  • No show-stopping feature. It comes of as vanilla and nothing really hooks you onto wanting to stay with this app vs the many out there
  • With a variety of features at your disposal, Basecamp is a great tool for any business that uses a project management platform.

Quick Conclusion:

It's popular because they've managed to provide a better solution to project management. They've done this by making projects easier to manage than ever before.