Jira Pros And Cons | Things Jira is Great at

Looking for a pros and cons list for Jira? Look no further. Jira is one of the most popular project management tools in the market but it comes with its clear highs and distinctive cons. We break them all down.


Jira Software is a product of Atlassian. Atlassian is headquartered in Sydney. Jira Software was initially released in 2002. At first, it was a pure issue tracking software for software developers. However, since then, it has been adopted by many non-IT teams for tracking any type of issues, tasks, and other work items, becoming a popular project management software. Many project management software include Jira Software as part of their integrated suite, or as a standalone product.


  • Jira have a way for you to chart your ideas and communicate them to your team. It's called the roadmap, and it helps you share big picture plans and assign individual tasks.
  • This application has all the features you need to keep agile development on track. For individual stories you can generate reports like burndown charts, and for team management, you can monitor workload.
  • Integrations. The app allows easy integration with other 3rd party software. For example, with Hipchat and Slack for notifications and communication. More than 3000 others are available, with different needs and tasks.
  • Jira enables users to customize their experience by creating and customizing various elements, such as tables, forms, timelines, reports, fields and more.
  • The software is used for a number of different tasks by different types of users. Whether you're a developer, manager, project manager, or an engineer, you'll be able to use our software to meet your business needs.


  • Jira is not the best way of working with Jira on the go. Users state that while the web app is a great experience, they prefer to work using the web app.
  • Integration with other systems is rather complicated. Migrating a project from Microsoft Team Foundation Server to Jira is a very time-consuming process.
  • Reports cannot be downloaded. Jira graphical reports cannot be downloaded as an image. Using other methods alters the resolution of the images, resulting in poor images.
  • Jira has limited file size uploads to keep the product fast. Thus, uploading a photo, video, or document that is more than 10MB in size is not allowed.
  • Configuration of some parts of its software are confusing and the new layout is all over the place with the information architecture at times not making sense. Especially the combined notifications

Quick Conclusion:

Jira is one of the best issue and project tracking software available today. It has great support for agile as well as thousands of plugins to extend its features. Additionally, it also has an on-premises option if you'd prefer.