Using customer feedback to improve client retention

The easiest and fastest way to increase your client and customer retention is right in front of your face. Here's how you can use customer feedback to improve your retention drastically

Using Customer Feedback to Improve Client Retention



Client feedback is essential at each step of the website development lifecycle. Most of the successful companies stand out for the client's experience they are offering. Why customer experience with your website or brand is vital because it is a chain reaction. The better the experience, the more satisfies the customer. For example, Amazon, Walt Disney, Ritz Hotels, and more. They are committed to customer experience as their top priority.

The success of the business relies on your customer, therefore you should put them first. You should satisfy your client's needs as much as possible and make every interaction with the brand pleasant and smooth. 

How do you identify whether your clients are satisfied with the experience you're offering to them? How you will discover the area of improvement in your business. These can only be achieved by asking your customer via customer feedback. 


What is a customer feedback tool / Website feedback?

If asked, your customers will tell you what they like and what they don’t like about you, and how they use your products/services.

Asking the user about their likes and dislikes of the website or product and how the products or services are useful to them is known as customer feedback. This information are shared by customer through the feedback surveys, in moment feedback, bug reports, NPS survey, and more 

Due to technology advancements, the online environment became an excellent place to gather customer feedback. Even though the various voices of customer tools are available on the market, picking the right one can be difficult. Feedback solutions can have multiple usage-based other gathering methods.  It can be used for bug reporting, get specific user insight, conduct a poll for the new product feature ideas, etc. In this article, we are presenting our product BugReporting. There many customer feedback platforms that are available to consider, choose the solution based on your use case. 


Reason Why Asking Customer Feedback Is Important?

If you are making customers satisfied will eventually result in customer loyalty. But ensure how to make your efforts into desired results. In this article, let's discuss in detail.

Customer opinions and their experience about your products or service helps to modify your business to fit their needs more accurately.  Asking for customer feedback and website feedback is an effective method to improve customer experience, but gathering actionable feedback at the right time is not easy. 

Discovering the bugs and problems in the early stage of the development cycle will reduce the client's dissatisfaction with the final products. You can nail the UX design of your website or mobile apps with more quality feedback.


You can request feedback in various methods, but the following are the key factors to be considered during the feedback process. 

  • Provide multiple ways for your user to share their feedbacks 
  • Request for feedback on the right time
  • Learning from the customer feedback analytics and moving forward to fix the issue. 
  • Make action promptly based on the client input (Filter and prioritize the bugs)
  • Have a track of the feedback and ensure you are not missing any valuable customer inputs. 

Many websites and app customer feedback software are readily available on the market. You can enable the tool with your website using auto generated code in no time and learn about customer experience.

Advantages of Having a Feedback Widget on your Website

An excellent way to connect with your customer is by using feedback widgets on the website/ mobile app. The widget will pop up on the right corner of the user screen when they visit the site. it provides a list of fields where the visitors can share their information. The feedback widget's main objective is to encourage the user to get in touch with your team while they have any queries or issues on the site, irrespective of time. User stories are not just the customer pain points; they provide insights and learning where your website or product needs improvements. Here is the list of benefits of having a feedback widget on your website. 

You Can Get More Information from the User

Using the Feedback widget, the user can share more information on the comment section, attach relevant screenshots, images, and more. The development team can get online reviews in real-time and more accurate information about the error and bugs. They can also easily recreate the error using the user's given inputs.  Users can search their queries or difficulties on the knowledge base.  The knowledge base will help the customer to resolve the common problem themself without support team assistance. 

Easily Organize and Manage All Feedback in One Place

With the support of an automated client feedback tool, you can effectively manage and work on a large volume of customer feedback. This will eliminate the unstructured emails for the support. Just providing the email id will create chunks of error tickets, and tracking each error ticket and managing them would be more difficult. 

Sorting the critical error through hundreds of unstructured emails is a burden on your support team. It will result in slow down response time.  Placing the feedback widget will speed up the response time, creating trust in your brand. 

The widget provides additional specific data, like OS, product, location of the users, and more. They also have the error ticket numbers, and you can easily track, filter, and prioritize them. 

Low Barrier In Feedback Sharing 

If your user is facing errors on websites, they need to escalate them to your company support team. They need to find the correct email to share their problem with the support. It will create frustration among the website users.  Especially in such case, the Feedback widget on the site will help your client to share their problem instantly to the relevant team, along with additional information 

With widget feedback, you create a low barrier for visitors or customers to contact your business without remembering the company information. The website without a feedback widget will miss customer's voices, and it shows the brand is not bothering their users. This will result in a negative customer experience, and they will drop out of your website or application.

It Indicates That You Care About Your Clients 

Widget forms will be part of your brand. You can quickly customize them with the color code and logos. Easy contact with your brand shows that you truly value customer information and shows how much you care about their problems. 

This will help you to improve your product more customer-centric. Customer-centric is the key to business success. Users will spend 17% more on your website or application. If they receive excellent customer service. With one click, anyone can immediately share their information. 

Opportunity To Get  On-The-Fly Feedbacks

One of the significant components preventing clients from effectively your product or service is context switching. By implementing the feedback provided on the interface will eventually reduce the context switching.

The feedback widget is a more convenient way for the user to share their feedback.  The web interface is a better option to invite the customer and gather client feedback while using the application or product. 

Auto Suggest Useful Data

Some of the feedback widgets integrate with the knowledge base. While the customer filling in the information will provide the autosuggest the answers of customers queries with the pre-populated information. 

This provides a next-level service experience for the clients. Clients love having the option to help themselves. According to the research, 70% of the customer expects the business to have self-service support alternatives.

Place Feedback Form on Right Location and Improve Your Business 

Each organization has a few areas of interest on its site where you can get feedback, for instance, cart page,  payment page, signup pages, etc. Widget on the website will reduce the drop-off rate.

Identify the location where users interact with your brand and ask for their valuable inputs. If you insert the widget in the wrong place it will have a negative impact. Before integrating them, analyze the top-performing areas on your site.   

Tackle Most Critical Questions And Errors 

It is most essential to tackle your most critical errors and urgent questions of the users and resolve them rapidly for your businesses. The powerful customer feedback tool will help you to identify and fix critical errors quickly.  Resolving the visitor's urgent queries and issues and avoiding waiting for them in queues will impress the customer.   

Instead of working on a first-come, first-serve basis with the tool's help, you can quickly prioritize and work on the error, which will increase your customer experience. Faster response time will satisfy your customer for a longer time. 


BugReporting developed having freelancers, agencies, and business owners in mind. The price plans make you happy and the service you provide with BugReporting Feedback management software makes your clients happy. You will gain benefits from both the cost point and also customer satisfaction with the single solution Bugreportring.  

Let's look at how BugReporting works for business. You will get real-time feedback instead of the usual customer feedback approach distinct from the real-time video feedback with user narrative in their own words.  Users can easily record their errors and share them with the developing or supporting team without many meetings. The team can also directly  chat with users once and get further customer insights.

It eliminates the difficulty in recreating issues and misleading the error inputs. A video customer feedback software would be more accurate. The development team can start working instantly and view in-depth detail by pausing, rewinding, and forwarding the unnecessary data. 

You don't need any coding skills to install this software, and no need for third-party extensions and no chrome extensions. You can begin your feedback gathering by integrating them with your website or application with the BugReporting pixel code generated. Just copy and paste the code. You can use the BugReporing service. 

The software's most significant advantage is that we provide unlimited annotation feedback of your clients and the free storage space of 30 Gigabytes, so there is no need for integration with google drive or other third-party storage space.

The software comes with several third-party integrations of your favorite project management tool like slack, Jira, asana, and more. Once the user shares their feedback the It will be added to the BugReporting dashboard. The product managers can assign the task to the assignee on project management tools like Jira, Trello, and more. It also provides automatic notification for the assignee. 

Unlike other software BugReporting notifies the bug-reported customer. Once the errors are resolved, it increases your application reactivation rate and also improves client satisfaction. This solution is closed-loop customer insights. 

In a single location, it provides better team collaboration.  Your entire team can view, comment on each ticket and share their information with the internal team irrespective of time and region. Maintain your favorite project management tool and start working on high-priority issues. This will improve your response time and client drop-off rate.

Start your trial of BugRpeoting today and manage unlimited customer feedback and bug reports with unique inbuilt features. Even small businesses can manage their entire online reputation from one place with our BugReporting software.