25 Best Client Feedback Tools

The best client feedback tools in the market to ensure customer satisfaction is high, bug reporting is done easily, QA feedback is done quickly and to ensure your profits increase

According to the research, the customer-centric business is 60% more profitable than others. It shows that the customer is core for any business. Companies that listen to the voice of customers are more successful. Customer feedback becomes a priority for many companies. Are you looking for a feedback tool for your business? This article will look into the best client feedback tool overviews that help you pick the right one for your business. These feedback tools make visitors communicate about their users easy for visitors to experience  (UI & UX) directly to the brands.  It is the best way to collect ‘in-the-moment’ feedback.

  1. BugReporting

BugReporting is one of the popular visual feedback tools for gathering feedback from customers. It doesn't require code; with a single click, you can integrate the application with the website, mobile app, and web apps. Customers can highlight the element on the website or application. So it is easy for the visitors to capture defects and annotates the issues instantly in the support or development team. The software is auto-synced favorite work tools like Trello, Slack, Jira, and Asana. It is a closed customer feedback solution. Start your 14 days free trial today!.

  1. Mopinion

Mopinion provides customer experience gathering on websites, mobile devices like Android and iOS, and email marketing campaigns. You can select the survey template, start gathering the feedback right away or design your feedback forms. Mopinion is providing flexible and easy SDK’s installation for Android, React Native, and iOS.  It gives a native feel to the users, so there won’t be any distraction or interruption.   Leverage email campaign feedback with Mopinion send the right message to your audience. It comes easily integrate with popular tools like Slack, Jira, google analytics, google tag manager, adobe analytics, salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, intercom, hangout chat, Trello, Magento, WordPress, and many more. Mopinion comes with three different plans Growth ($229 / month), Turbo ($579/month), and Enterprise. The software has a 14-days free trial.

  1. InMoment

InMoment is a cloud-based user feedback platform. InMoment tool can be used for social media review, online reporting, employee engagement, User feedbacks, and more. With the help of InMoment, you can prioritize the errors and improve the user experience. Many Top Brands like Tesco, Thomson Reuters, and more are using In moment for employee engagement and tracking the customer experience. The software allows collecting user data from other sources like  CRM, social media, and more.

  1. Appzi

Appzi is a website feedback software. Get quality feedback and build better applications. It comes with the feedback button to trigger the survey and can choose and customize the customer survey template and easy to analyze the customer inputs and works with the team to provide better products. The software allows the developer to rapidly design and customize the feedback button based on the brand colors and incorporate the logo designs. It comes with four plans free, basic, standard, and pro. The allows 50,000 page views/month, unlimited websites & forms. Permits access to all the feedback widgets and have an Integration option with Slack and Trello.

  1. Usersnap

Usersnap is one of the popular feedback tools for gathering visual feedbacks from customers. It works with the help of a JavaScript tag on the website. Users can highlight the element where they encounter the bugs or detect they can add the comments. Usersnap is easy to capture and annotates the issues instantly in the website and app. It allows integrating with several apps like Jira, Basecamp, Slack, and Trello, etc. Usersnap provide 15 days free trial and comes with three different plans: Basic($19/month), Startup ($79/month) and Company ($149 /month)

  1. Saber

Saberfeeback tool is more similar to the Usersnap software. In this application, also users can highlight the defects and add comments. These user screenshots are shared through emails where the development team can instantly work on the flaws (bugs & UX errors) on the website. Saber integrates with Jira, Slack, Trello, Github, WordPress, Zapier, Bitbucket, Zendesk, Webhook, Asana, Redmine, Basecamp, Pivotal, and TrackerGitlab. Saber has three pricing plans: Bootstrap ($29/month), Startup ($59/month), and Corporate ($199/month). Saber has 20 days free trial on the Corporate Plan, and you can try all feedbacks features on the application before proceeding with the paid ones.

  1. DeBugMe

DebugMe is another visual feedback tool. It is a project management and bug tracking tool.  The bug reports are provided visually, eliminates the misunderstanding or reducer the lengthy discussion and improving productivity. The bug fixing is done much faster and can easily assign, track, and manage the team's workflows. DebugMe can easily integrate with the 3rd party tools like JIRA, Trello, Redmine, and more. On the free plan, it allows two projects and users, and there are there different price plans standard ($ 8/month), professional ($ 19/month), and Enterprise ($ 45 /month).

  1. Bugherd

Bugherd is a project management software and issues tracking tool for both the developers and designers. Bugherd provides an in-page feedback option, which aids the user in providing the error report straight away from the website. Bugherd integrates with solutions such as Jira, Trello, and Asana. BugHerd provides free for 14 days. Or you can choose one of the paid plans that suits your requirement. There are four paid plans Standard ($39/month), Studio ($59/month), Premium ($109/month), and Enterprise.

  1. Clarabridge

Clarabridge is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) software. The voice of the Customer data collected within the software. The customer interaction data with the business are gathered and understood with various analysis like text analytics, interaction analytics, speech analytics, predictive analytics,  sentiment analysis, and emotion detection. With the customer's voice, your business can easily understand and meet customer needs. Clarabridge provides more insight into user preferences, problems, and complaints.

  1. Verint ForeSee

Verint ForeSee allows measuring the customer experience at every step of the business journey. Verint Experience Cloud is a CX Management (Customer experience management software) that analyzes the customer inputs from multiple channel surveys etc. It is cloud-accelerated software. The software provides surveys, heatmaps, product reviews, and text analytics. Many brands like Argos, AMD, Atlantic Union Bank, Loreal, etc., adopted this application. Verint follows the XM strategy, which helps to listen to users better, learn more, and speed up the user experience improvement process.

  1. Marker.io

Marker.io is a bug tracking software application for the agile team. Without leaving the site, the team or site visitors can find the bugs and report the errors using the feedback button. Clients can easily annotate the errs visually, and they can report directly to the team with the help of built-in annotations tools. Client or team no need to switching to Photoshop or MS Paint to annotate the bugs. Marker.io integrated with favorite tools like Trello, Jira, Asana, and more. The software comes with a 15-day free trial and there no credit card required to begin your free version. Marker.io comes with three pricing plans Starter ($39/month), Team ($79/month), and Company ($159/month).

  1. GetSatisfaction

Get satisfaction is a customer community platform for technical support. Feedbacks are collected from all the pages on the website, and the inputs are shared on the public forums.  

Get satisfaction collects product ideas, builds brands, provides customer support, and improves sales. You can gather the client information anywhere, like website, mobile device, social media platforms like Facebook, etc. It is a powerful customer community platform.

  1. UserVoice

UserVoice is the product feedback management software for SaaS companies. It is a centralized product feedback solution to gather, analyze, and follow up with user feedback. It comes with powerful customer feedback analytics; you can quickly prioritize and begin working on customer-reported errors. You can easily filter the customer segments and or product categories. Making prioritization even more comfortable with the UserVoice application. Integrate with the software you already use (Slack, Hubspot, Jira, Zendesk, Zapier, Azure DevOps and salesforce, etc.)

  1. IdeaScale

IdeaScale is another application for community feedback where website visitors can discuss themself. IdeaScale integrates with Facebook, and you can conduct a poll on social platforms, and it comes with customizable designs. It comes with four plans to Engage, Evolve, Advance, and Transform.

  1. UserEcho

UserEcho offers completed customer support solutions, including a feedback forum, helpdesk, knowledge base, and live chat. It is similar to GetSatisfaction it also provides polling or voting options on social media. Visitors can escalate the defects through ticketing features. UserEcho is at the affordable price of $19/ month.

  1. UseResponse

When compared to GetSatisfaction,  UseResponse is budget-friendly. You can easily integrate the software with the website with open-source code. Along with the feedback forum, it offers a live chat solution. The feedback solution Basic cloud plain prizing starts at $49, and the enterprise cloud plan costs $149.

  1. OpinionLab

Opinionlab is another customer feedback platform. Collect visitor feedback from the website. OpinionLab collects specific page feedback and allows the tester to collect the feedback from other channels like support centers and physical stores. In 2016 OpinionLab has joined Verint.

  1. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a visitor experience management tool that allows the developer to collect the visitor inputs from a website and mobile, social media survey, and email surveys. Get the user experience from NPS, customer survey, and the data are analyzed using customer analytics. It comes with closed-loop ticketing features; the user will get an update on the error they submitted

  1. Feedbackify

There is no need for a developer to create feedback forms; anyone can make the forms with drag and drop options. Installation of Feedbackify is simple and easy. You have to copy and paste the HTML code to your website to integrate the software with your website. Visitors can provide ratings, submit comments, and share their suggestions, and escalate the bugs. You can easily filter the real-time data with the categories on the dashboard. The tool comes with a 15-day trial, and you can upgrade them with a $19/month subscription. Even on the free trial, the software provides complete access to all the features.

  1. HubSpot Customer Feedback

HubSpot is the best software to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback, which helps you better understand the clients. Using HubSpot, you can deliver the feedback forms on emails and websites and track all the surveys in a single dashboard. Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, you can measure customer loyalty towards your brand. The Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys help to understand client satisfaction with the support services. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys help to understand the overall satisfaction of the customer throughout the journey.

  1. TrustPilot

The most popular online review software Many companies adopted  TrustPilot for gathering reviews online. The software comes with inbuilt templates with different categories. The review of the business will increase the trust of the product or service among the users. With Trustpilot, you can gather thoughts on Service, Product, Location, and even send invites for review. You can easily upload the email list and send email invitations to provide reviews, and the reviews gathered can be fed on the search engines like google and Bing. The google seller rating improves your visibility of search engines. The software comes with free, customized, and standard plans.

  1. TrustSpot

TrustSpot is a review tool like TrustPilot. You can send the review request and import the existing reviews on the application, and you can analyze the email review request response using analytics.  You can integrate the tool with Facebook, Shopify, Big eCommerce, Magento, Google, Instagram, Woocommerce, and more. The software comes with Premium (starting $149/month), Ultimate (Starting at $249/month), Enterprise (Starting at $399/month), and provides custom solutions plans.

  1. Survicate

Using Survicate, you can run surveys on the website, mobile app, and web apps. It helps capture user feedback and to improve the application to provide a better user experience. You can create Survey and NPS surveys using the software. Surveys are sent on emails, and links even include a survey on chat. You can trigger the survey at different locations on the website. The software has free, Essential ($ 49 /month), Professional ($ 99 /month), and Ultimate plans ($ 249 /month)

  1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a renowned application for email surveys. Millions of businesses use SurveyMonkey across the world. It is a more flexible solution, and it comes with 15 different types of queries like scale, open comments, multiple-choice, etc. It is more useful to identify the overall satisfaction of the client with the product or service. Surveymonkey has a different plan for personal business. Choose a plan that works for business and individual needs.

  1. ProProfs

With ProProfs, you can create surveys,  Forms, NPS Surveys, and more. The tool is a free online survey creator, and more than 50 thousand surveys are built, and more than 4 million responses are received using this tool. It also makes quizzes, tests, and assessments survey. It includes Polls, Popups, SideBar & In-App Surveys. It is a quick and easy solution to get user information.  It offers 15 days of free trial for any plans (Free, Essential, and premium).  

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